Ageing & Dementia Friendly Design

Ageing- and Dementia Friendly Design

The Wayfinding lab is working closely with a select group of retirement- and care-home providers, managers, designers and architects to develop improved design guidelines for the built environment to minimise spatial disorientation. We here publish these design guidelines as we develop them.

Click here to download :  Guidelines_chapter1    Guidelines_chapter2     Guidelines_chapter3     Guidelines_References





The Wayfinding Lan is engaged in several projects concerned with the use and efficiency of signage in large, complex buildings. Click on the image below to read a summary of our recent work with Poole hospital.

Please follow the links below to read more about each of these research areas:

ornc WRC advises Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich

Designing signage for complex environments

Improving the wayfinding signage system in Poole Hospital

Informing the wayfinding signage at Frankfurt Airport

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