Why you should consider Forensic Science!

Jess loves how varied her degree is. From chemistry, to law and practice to crime scene analysis there’s never a day that is the same. BU is renowned for the practical emphasis of these courses, providing plenty of experiences for students in the testing suites and labs as well as going out in the field!… Read more »

Anthropology degrees at BU

Want to study an Anthropology course but not sure which pathway to take? Why not see what Nura and Alex have to say about the similarities and differences between their two Anthropology courses and why they chose to study them. You’ll see Christchurch House, home to the bone lab and a lot of Anthropology lectures,… Read more »

My first couple of months as a Product Design student

So far my university experience has been everything I’d hoped for, if not more! Product design has always been a strong passion of mine which is why I knew it was something I wanted to spend four years of my life studying. After visiting numerous universities I finally fell in love with Bournemouth University and… Read more »