What you get when you choose an NCCA course

I’m Lara Barusso from Italy, currently studying Computer Animation Art and Design and this time i want to introduce you to what is available for every animation or visual effects student here. As an animation student you will have all you need and more for your course. On campus facilities First of all, you will… Read more »

Study spaces on Talbot Campus

Hi! My name is Patrycja, I come from Poland and I am a BA Computer Animation Art and Design student. Where I study on my course Some of my lectures are delivered in lecture theatres and some in seminar rooms where we sit in groups, there are also classes in an art studio.  My course… Read more »

The Base at Talbot Campus

Where do I go for advice and support?

So you have made it, you are in, you are starting your course at BU (good choice!) and then you have an issue – where do you go for support? Who can help and what’s available? The great thing about BU is that if you need help with anything it’s available and it’s free! I… Read more »

Media School from a final year’s perspective

By Sanita Lustika Third year BU student, BA (Hons) Digital Media Design I’m a final year Digital Media Design student and I’ve been a student ambassador for all 3 study years. Over the time I’ve come to love doing Media School facility tours. I enjoy the atmosphere in the school and at this point I… Read more »

What have we got for you?

For any one who has visited our Talbot Campus recently, you will have seen the extensive works taking place to rejuvenate our facilities and the campus. It’s going to look amazing for the start of term! Our IT facilities are currently being upgraded so our computers will be quicker, the programmes more up-to-date, and the… Read more »