Visiting Bournemouth University during the festive period? Looking for a place to take your family and friends for a fun day out? Well look no further than the Bournemouth Christmas Market! Here’s a short video, taking you on a brief tour of all the wonderful things the town’s holiday hub has to offer!    ... Read more »
In this video, I talk about what I do to prepare for Christmas while studying at BU.  
Budgeting tips
Check out my top 10 tips when it comes to budgeting as a student!  
My volunteering story
Find out about my volunteering adventure with BU, including my trek up  Mount Kilimanjaro!    
Psychology student Betty and English student Lily run through their Clearing experiences and the emotions that come with it!
Nura is now in her 2nd year at BU studying Anthropology and would like to share her thoughts on the hidden benefits of coming through Clearing.
Sometimes in life we have to take alternative routes to get where we want to. Clearing is sort of like an alternative route to get into university. I know a lot of people get scared at the idea of going through clearing but honestly, it’s not that scary at all. Listen to my story: Shaay... Read more »
2nd year Finance and Business student Grace talks us through her Clearing experience.
Hi guys! Here’s a little video with some tips for packing for university. I share my best advice for packing and some essential items that have been life-saving for me! I hope you find it useful!
After almost 2 years of studying at Bournemouth University I’ve got to know the uni and area pretty well! I’ve got together a few reasons why I love studying at BU and why it should definitely be a top consideration of yours! More Information! SUBU @ Bournemouth  
I have always wanted to try and see if I could be a vegetarian. Therefore, I challenged myself to be a vegetarian for five days. Who knows, this might be the beginning of my vegetarian lifestyle… Find out how my meal plans changed and whether I have chosen to be a vegetarian for the rest... Read more »