Leading a team and changing lives

As a first-year Business Studies student and now a second-year International Business student, I have encountered numerous hurdles, some personal and some teamwork conflicts. My course had us experience a simulation of running a business meeting and marketing for a non-profit company and, to my surprise, both times I was the leader of the project…. Read more »

Some sun, a little snow, and a LOT of sea

Hi, my name is Patrycja, I’m a Polish student currently studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design at BU. How is the weather in Bournemouth different to Poland? A few people I have met have said that the weather in Poland is quite similar to the UK, but personally I think there are some… Read more »

A Lithuanian in Bournemouth

First time in a foreign country Studying in a foreign country means living there continuously, without the comfort of family or friends you may have known for years (if not decades, if you’re an older student!) Of course, it might be stressful or uncomfortable at the beginning, but you’re only just getting used to your… Read more »

Finding international food in Bournemouth

As a first-year Brazilian American living in Bournemouth, I am constantly searching for supermarkets that have Brazilian ingredients that no other cuisines have, or similar to those found in Asian Markets. Personally, I never ate many “American foods” in my household, but I find that British and American cuisines are synonymous in many ways. The… Read more »