Move-in Day

If you are planning to move away from home to go to university, once you have accepted your offer, you will probably want to start thinking about your new accommodation! This is very exciting as for many students, it is the first chance that we get to live independently. Move in day is a special… Read more »

International Honeybee Day

It’s International Honeybee Day! This is a day to raise awareness and celebrate the contribution that honeybees make to our lives, with the aim of protecting this important species. Why are Honeybees so special? Honeybees are pollinators (among other species such as butterflies, beetles and bumble bees, but today isn’t about them so they can… Read more »

Your Guide to Simple Cocktail Making at Home and Places to Visit for Cocktails in Bournemouth

Cocktail lover? You’ve come to the right place! University nights out can become expensive especially when you start to drink only when you get to the club, so many students will have a ‘pres’ drink before leaving for the club! Why not spice up your pre-drinks by creating some easy and simple cocktails! If you… Read more »

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day! This is such an important day of the year for spreading global awareness on sustainability. Creating a plastic bag free planet is a matter of ongoing urgency, as it should be considering the amount of plastic polluting our global oceans and destroying our planet. At BU, sustainability is one… Read more »