Katrina’s Story: Discovering my learning difficulty

The weird part was, just after finding out that I have Dyslexia, I thought of the primary school rumour ‘if you can’t spell Dyslexia then you have it’. In that moment, I couldn’t. PANIC. I never seriously considered if I could have a ‘Specific Learning Difficulty’, which is why it all came as a massive… Read more »

What I’ve learnt: Living away from home

Hi Everyone, A little vlog about what I’ve learnt having lived away from home. Some practical things and also some soppy things – you know me, I like a good old mixture. Hope this resonates with some of you and you can take comfort in some of what I say!

Places to visit in Dorset

Though I know most of you mainly chose BU because of Bournemouth beach (or at least that’s one of the reasons I chose BU), there is so much more to be discovered in in Dorset! With its scenic views and lovely atmosphere, Dorset is one of the prettiest places to explore. Starting with the one… Read more »

Recipes For a Flat Family

When it comes to living in a new environment with new people or with those you have chosen to live with, it can, at times, be a bit awkward quite different to living with your family. One way to break the ice is through food. Depending on the level of cooking ability here are three… Read more »

Exploring the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Unlike a majority of the other courses at Bournemouth University, The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (HSS) are based across the Lansdowne campus. The faculty is split into three departments; The Department of Nursing and Clinical Sciences, The Department of Human Sciences and Public Health and The Department of Social Sciences and Social Work…. Read more »

Beth’s first term as a BU student

Two years have passed since my parents dropped me off in Bournemouth as an excited but nervous fresher, moving away from home for the first time. It was an incredibly emotional but exciting time for me, moving to a new place with people I didn’t know to start university. The first two weeks were a… Read more »

Imi’s top tips to making halls a home

It can be a bit of a shock when you first arrive at university. Laden with all of your bags that you have just lugged up the stairs, you unlock the door and finally see your room for the first time only to be disheartened by the fact that it is just so plain and… Read more »

Open Days

Now is the time to discover BU

With three Open Days throughout October and November, now is the time to discover where you could be studying next September! With subject talks, campus tours, bus tours of Bournemouth and opportunities to visit our accommodation, an Open Day really is the best way to see everything BU has to offer. I remember the three-hour… Read more »

10 words of wisdom I would tell my Fresher-self

OPEN Be open to making new friends all of the time. It is so easy to cling to the first two people you see during fresher’s week, but try to avoid it! I realised this early on and discovered that at BU there is a huge community of students with different nationalities and backgrounds, embrace… Read more »

Employability: The overarching theme of uni

After completing four years of Uni, I feel confident that I have gained the skills necessary to contribute to whichever sector of the job force I enter. The skills and achievements that give you a greater chance of landing a job in a competitive market are called employability skills. I hope that on the completion… Read more »

What’s in a Forensic Science student’s bag?

Shaay’s back to show you what she brings to university each day as a BU BSc (Hons) Forensic Science student. Not your usual vlog but a video produced by the Southern Universities Network (SUN) which we thought was well worth sharing! The SUN is a partnership of six universities and is HEFCE’s formally recognised single… Read more »

Conto Lounge

A Guide to Bournemouth: Being Vegetarian or Vegan

If you’re a vegetarian like me, you may get the occasional eye-roll and people saying “so you just eat fruit and vegetables…?” Well, I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and with new restaurants and a growing population to please, being a vegetarian has never been more tasty or easy and I’m here to show… Read more »