A Lithuanian in Bournemouth

First time in a foreign country Studying in a foreign country means living there continuously, without the comfort of family or friends you may have known for years (if not decades, if you’re an older student!) Of course, it might be stressful or uncomfortable at the beginning, but you’re only just getting used to your… Read more »

Individuality or rule-following? Grading systems in the UK vs Lithuania

Introduction to grading systems I would be lying if I said that university grading systems in Lithuania and the United Kingdom are totally different. In fact, I think most European grading systems are similar to each another. There are still quite a few differences between Lithuanian and British ones at which we will take a… Read more »

Take charge of your career path with CareersBU

First insight on CareersBU You have probably heard that student opportunities and employability matter to Bournemouth University, and that’s true! The University offers a lot of help for you when it comes to your employability, future interviews and portfolios. As someone who had a practical insight on this topic, I would like to share my… Read more »

Passion and motivation are the keys to success

What really are “study skills“? It’s not surprising to hear that the higher education system is different for each country, but what really are “study skills”? I personally would define it as a set of practical and academic skills which a student is supposed to acquire during their studies. In this fairly short blog, I… Read more »

A part-time job at uni might be easier than you think

Written by David Alfyorov from Lithuania, studying BSc Games Software Engineering Money matters Enrolling at university doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll be able to handle the university lifestyle. I’m not talking about bad grades – this blog is not about that at all – but financial stability. This is one of the most important cornerstones… Read more »

Choosing wisely from an international perspective

Entering university is undoubtedly one of the most important events in someone’s lifetime. University students learn many skills and they are capable of studying independently and subsequently, this cultivates critical thinking and free thought. At BU Students can actually apply their theoretical knowledge in practice by undertaking a placement year and gaining invaluable experience. However,… Read more »