Which accommodation is best for you?

Which Accommodation Is Best For You? Choosing accommodation for university can be confusing with all the criteria to consider and it becomes a mine field when you can’t decide which one you like best. This simple little flow diagram quiz I’ve created, should help you narrow it down to at least one or two! Just… Read more »

My journey into Higher Education

Sometimes your plans for when you finish school or college don’t quite work out. You might change your mind, discover a different option, not quite achieve the grades you need, the list goes on. Maybe you were thinking about an apprenticeship? Maybe you want to go travelling? Watch my vlog to hear my story and… Read more »

Dear Diary, I missed the UCAS application deadline!

There are several reasons people don’t always get to applying for university by the January 15th deadline. And you might be wondering what this means for you? Here are two different scenarios which should shed some light on what to expect and what your different options are if you too haven’t applied yet. Dear Diary,… Read more »