The opportunities when you’re a Student Ambassador at BU

There are a range of opportunities to work whilst you are studying in Bournemouth, and among these is the chance to become a Student Ambassador at Bournemouth University like me! This has definitely been a highlight for me during my BU experience, as it can involve so many things. Aside from widening my experiences, this… Read more »

The university food shop: tips, tricks and getting to grips

Moving away to university can be difficult, as for many of you it will be your first experience living on your own. This means having to look after yourself… those pre cooked frozen meals your mum made you won’t last forever! It is easy to be so wrapped up in the one million other things… Read more »

Second Year: International Field Trip to Costa Rica

So I’m studying BSc (Hons) Geography! The international field trip is an optional unit in the second year of some courses under the category of Life and Environmental Sciences in the faculty of Science and Technology including Geography, Environmental Science, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation and Biological Sciences. The destination of the trip has been known… Read more »

Study Tips Whilst at Uni

Uni is very different from school or college! You will most likely be expected to be a little more independent and are required to spend a good amount of time independently completing wider reading for your course. I definitely struggled with this when I arrived at uni, as although there is available support from lecturers… Read more »

How to stop being a slave to our phones

I often find myself in a constant state of procrastination, spending way too much time on my phone, and chances are you do too!!! It’s 2019 and not a moment goes by uncaptured by our phones. Banking/photos/messaging/calling/internet/emails/calculator/tv/ social media/dating apps/music, the list is endless! It has been proven that spending too much time on your… Read more »

Balancing earning money with your studies: pros and cons

One of the most relevant, slightly taboo topics at university is money. Let’s face it, university is expensive, from rent, to living costs to tuition fees. Although student finance is there to lend a helping hand, a lot of the time this just doesn’t stretch far enough to cover all necessary expenses. So, the simple… Read more »

Offers and When You Need to Decide

As 2019 flies by, we are now approaching the time of year when many  of you will be starting to think about replying to university offers on UCAS! Deciding on your firm and insurance choices can be a daunting and nerve-wracking decision to make, as after all we are talking about where you could be… Read more »

First Year Geographers’ Residential Field Trip to the Peak District

The residential field trip to the Peak District is definitely one of the highlights of first year in my opinion. It gave us a chance to experience carrying out fieldwork in a new environment, whilst also allowing us to socialise and bond together as a course throughout the trip’s duration. The first day was mainly… Read more »

Veganism – a new craze?

We definitely couldn’t ignore the recent hype around veganism, what with Veganuary having just passed us by! Being vegan means following a diet and lifestyle that does not use nor contain any animal products. Recently there has been a sharp increase in the amount of young people hopping onto this craze especially throughout January where… Read more »

How do I know if uni is for me?

If you are sat thinking this right now don’t worry! You are for sure not alone. The decision on whether or not to go to university is a big one and requires some thought and consideration before committing to the idea. One of the hardest things about deciding whether uni is for you or not,… Read more »