First Year Geographers’ Residential Field Trip to the Peak District

The residential field trip to the Peak District is definitely one of the highlights of first year in my opinion. It gave us a chance to experience carrying out fieldwork in a new environment, whilst also allowing us to socialise and bond together as a course throughout the trip’s duration. The first day was mainly… Read more »

Veganism – a new craze?

We definitely couldn’t ignore the recent hype around veganism, what with Veganuary having just passed us by! Being vegan means following a diet and lifestyle that does not use nor contain any animal products. Recently there has been a sharp increase in the amount of young people hopping onto this craze especially throughout January where… Read more »

How do I know if uni is for me?

If you are sat thinking this right now don’t worry! You are for sure not alone. The decision on whether or not to go to university is a big one and requires some thought and consideration before committing to the idea. One of the hardest things about deciding whether uni is for you or not,… Read more »