Karoline Sandvold

My PR Work Placements in Norway

Name: Karoline Lervik Sandvold Course: BA (Hons) Public Relations Country of origin: Norway Where was your placement and what was your role? I completed my placement year in Norway so I could start building my network for when I return. I divided my year in two; working in a PR agency, Coxit Public Relations, and… Read more »

Glebs Kiselovs

My Work Placement at JP Morgan

Name: Glebs Kiselovs Course: BA (Hons) Business Studies with Finance & Marketing Placement: JP Morgan Bank (Bournemouth) Where are you from?  Latvia Where was your placement and what was your role? I worked as an Analyst in the Liquidity Solutions Client Experience team. My role was to answer any questions that colleagues from sales, client… Read more »

Kristap’s Journey to BU

“MY Journey to BU has been awsome… because I know that Bournemouth University is the right place and this is the right time”. Awesome! That is the right word to describe my journey. But why? Why awesome? To answer that I need to put it into perspective. After finishing high-school I moved to London all… Read more »