My eye-opening nursing elective in Zambia

This is a guest blog by Jasmine Wright, 3rd-year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing student at BU. She recently travelled to Lusaka in Zambia on a two-week clinical elective to see the differences between healthcare in the UK and in the developing world. This was one of the best experiences of my life. When I started… Read more »

My placement overseas in Vancouver

This is a guest blog by current student Sian Venables studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Technical Arts. What tool/resource did you find the most helpful in your placement search?  My LinkedIn profile – I set up my LinkedIn profile before I applied to university, but only started making use of it when I began properly networking there. University organised talks I attended in my first and second years… Read more »

How I gain valuable insights through studying Sociology and Anthropology

This is a guest blog by current student Alexander Knights. During my time studying BA (Hons) Sociology & Anthropology at BU, I have found interests in the everyday things we take for granted within our society. Units such as Ancient People and Places and Into the Field have provided me with an insight into our… Read more »

Bourne to make a difference. How I co-founded the Bali Reef Conservation

This is a guest blog, by Zach Boakes studying BSc (Hons) Environmental Science. The story behind my research has a less than academic setting! In May 2016, I was in Bali as a volunteer, teaching children how to play the drums. Whilst I was there, I made friends with a local guy, Ketut, and we began snorkelling together. We started discussing… Read more »

My dissertation conference

This is a guest blog by BA (Hons) Marketing Communications student Brityn Vreeland. Today I attended Bournemouth University’s 9th annual Promotional Communications Conference, organised by Dr. Tanya Le Roux and Dr. Sae Oshima from the Department of Corporate and Marketing Communications. This year’s conference had the theme of “Revelation, Revolution: learning, and acting”. This theme… Read more »

Why you should always take opportunities by the horns! SURE Conference 2019.

This is a guest blog written by Rebecca Fowell, who is currently studying BSc (Hons) Geography at BU. I SURE am happy I took part in the undergrad conference! Coming to university can be a pretty daunting experience. You effectively get kicked out of the nest at 18, you’re surrounded by complete and utter strangers… Read more »