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Our BSc (Hons) Nutrition students share how their course at BU contributes to their personal and professional growth, as well as their excitement for the opportunity to present their placement experience at the Showcasing Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) Conference.


“My three years studying nutrition at BU have flown by, however I have refined myself both personally and professionally in this time. It is due in part to the exceptional lecturers teaching the degree and all of the support staff who’s nurturing has supported me in building my self-confidence and belief in my potential. An example of this was my first presentation at BU, I had little experience in presenting in front of people and my nerves were clearly affecting the delivery. Skipping three years ahead and I have just presented my 20-day placement experience at the SURE (Showcasing Undergraduate Research Excellence) Conference, something I never thought would be achievable.

The course units are also amazing at inspiring careers, from working in microbiology, healthcare, product development or research. My personal favourite was the food processing and product development unit delivered by Dr Joanne Holmes, who has extensive experience working in the industry herself. Studying this unit sparked my interest in product development, and after completing my 20-day placement as an NPD (New Product Development) coordinator, I wish to pursue my career in this route. I will never forget my student years in Bournemouth and I will always #BUProud to have studied at this incredible university.​”

By Louise Gale, BSc (Hons) Nutrition.

“Throughout studying for my BSc in Nutrition at BU, I have had the opportunity to expand not only my knowledge, but also my own passion in various aspects of nutrition. As such, after completing my Nutrition in Health and Disease unit in my second year, I felt confident and excited to complete my summer placement on a diabetes project in Fiji knowing I had been taught the relevant information about diabetes diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Further to the educational aspect, the presentations and group work I completed throughout the course immensely increased my confidence to deliver aspects of nutrition education to schools and communities in Fiji. Communication skills are a crucial skill to develop as a soon-to-be nutritionist so I really feel this has been an invaluable aspect of my course.

My time at BU is sadly coming to an end but I am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had for both my personal and educational development. The community of staff at BU have taken such individual interest and encouraged me to take on opportunities outside my comfort zone. Looking back three years ago, I could never imagined I’d have had the confidence to present my placement experience in Fiji at BU’s Showcasing Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) conference. Thanks to experiences such as these, I now feel equipped and excited to start my career in nutrition knowing that I have been taught the relevant tools for the various avenues that an AfN accredited nutrition degree can lead in to.”

By Rebecca Brown, BSc (Hons) Nutrition.

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