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BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering

David Alfyorov, Lithuania

Entering university is undoubtedly one of the most important events in someone’s lifetime. University students learn many skills and they are capable of studying independently and subsequently, this cultivates critical thinking and free thought. At BU Students can actually apply their theoretical knowledge in practice by undertaking a placement year and gaining invaluable experience.

However, to get the best experience as a student, you have to choose your university carefully and wisely! Are you wondering why I chose BU? It’s neither the University of Cambridge nor it is the University of Oxford. You won’t hear or see thousands of headlines about BU on social media, the reason is simple. It’s because of the experience you gain whilst studying here.

Great employment opportunities

BU offers a lot of opportunities for you to get most out of your student experience. When I was choosing a university for myself, I was looking for one with great employment opportunities as well as a brilliant reputation for arranging placements for it’s students. Experience in your particular industry especially in the gaming industry is far more important than the paper you will get after graduation. Bournemouth University is one of the best universities in terms of offering work placements; you can even check the official rating if you don’t trust me!

Practical experience and applying

The experience I will gain on placement is what is valued most in my industry, so I was actually looking for a university where work experience is guaranteed to be provided! In the IT sector and honestly, I bet not only there, employers are looking for people who are passionate about their subjects and often have at least some practical knowledge in their field. In terms of this, BU was an ideal choice for me. Choosing the right university was a difficult process for me as I had so many choices but only a few of them met my needs and BU was at the top of these. I started to choose institutions and I applied very early, approximately 3-4 months before UCAS application deadlines. I sent my application to Bournemouth University in December, a month before the deadline.

To sum everything up, I’d say that I am happy with my choice, since the start of my course we have been introduced to a very independent way of learning and I am gaining practical experience in programming and games development. I am also very excited about going on my placement next year!


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  1. Francesca

    Great to hear about your experiences, David. If you ever do a follow up blog, it would be useful for many students to hear about how accommodation options influenced your decision. Different universities offer various student housing options, varying in price, location and more. Also, how was the process of finding accommodation?


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