The aim of Bournemouth University’s approach to Global Perspectives is to ensure that graduates develop a global awareness and understand the need for sustainable development. In order to develop graduates with this perspective we engrain these principles into everything we do.

The History

In order to encourage the development of opportunities for students to explore global dimensions in their studies, a Global Perspectives Group was established. A Global Vision for Bournemouth University was agreed in 1999.

All courses are encouraged to adopt the principles outlined in this document within the curriculum to enhance student experience and raise awareness of global issues, as well as BU’s commitment to protecting the earth.

In 2005/6 a new holistic strategy ‘A Global Perspective at Bournemouth University: Education for Global Citizens and Sustainable Development’ was endorsed:

This strategy is helping to inform curricula at BU and is a key aspect of the visions and values that BU adopts, showing our commitment to the area we live in and our impact in a wider, ‘global’ community.

The strategy addresses:

  • Corporate responsibility and behaviour- the University as a global citizen
  • Curricula and pedagogy – embedding global perspectives
  • Extra-curricular activities to support citizenship and international awareness.

Developing ‘Global Citizens’

At BU, we aim to embed global perspectives within the curriculum, with an objective of developing learners as ‘global citizens’.

The graduate who is a ‘global citizen’:

  • Will be familiar with global issues and processes (particularly the interconnectedness between the local and the global)
  • Will appreciate the need for sustainable development
  • Will be effective at working across cultures and in contexts of diversity.

An important aspect of developing a global perspective is to heighten the learners’ awareness of world issues and empower them to bring about change towards a more just and sustainable society.

Other Information

If you would like to read more about the Global Perspectives, then our References document lists publications and useful links that will help to expand your understanding in this area.