Transport & Safety

We provide access to a range of transport options and work hard to ensure the safety of our students – but there’s lots you can do to!

A lot of the information below is relevant to students living in the Bournemouth and Poole area. If you are studying elsewhere, such as Portsmouth, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during your enrolment and induction – if you have any queries in the meantime, please contact our askBU Students’ Service.


There are plenty of options to help you explore the local area and get to your lectures on time.


For your safety and convenience we operate ‘the bus for BU’ subsidised bus service on main routes between our Campuses and popular student residential areas. You can access timetables on the thebusforbu website and via our iBU mobile app. Other operators are: Wilts and Dorset who also run night buses & Yellow buses.


Bournemouth Station is a five minute walk from the Lansdowne Campus, and can be accessed via the U1 bus service from the Talbot Campus. The U1 typically runs every 10 minutes during term time and every 30 minutes during term breaks.


We provide cycle storage in Halls of Residence and on both of our Campuses, and the Student Shop sell subsidised d-locks and lights. If you don’t have a bike but would like to cycle, we operate a ‘BU by Bike’ loan scheme where you can gain access to a bike, lights, lock and a helmet for a small annual subscription.

Bournemouth & Poole have a great cycle path network so use that as much as possible to stay safe on busy main roads. We recommend that you buy a helmet, lights and a high-visibility jacket or bag for other road users to see you.

If you’re an international student, remember we drive on the left so familiarise yourself with UK road signs and rules and go to the Cycle Safety talk during Arrivals Fortnight (see the Events Guide).

Find out more on our Student Portal.


We strongly recommend that you don’t bring a car with you to BU. Public transport networks provide good and frequent access around the local area as well as to other towns and cities. BU issues a limited number of parking permits to allow some eligible students to park on Talbot Campus, and there are consequences if you park without a permit. There are limited options to park locally to either Campus, and we only provide parking spaces at Halls of Residence for ‘blue badge’ holders, who must apply for a BU parking permit.

If you need a car (e.g. for NHS placements) we recommend you consider UniLet accommodation. We operate a private Car Share group for those that have no other option but to access BU by car. If you’re an international student, please read the ‘Driving in the UK’ section of your Welcome Guide.


If you bring your motorbike, you don’t need a permit to park at a BU Campus or Residence but you must register your bike details with us.


Make sure you used a licensed taxi firm. Most allow you to book in advance and will provide you with a quote so you can put enough money aside to get you to your destination.


Bournemouth & Poole are relatively safe areas, however as with any town or city, it’s best to think ahead about sensible precautions to take care of yourself and your belongings.

Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

The Universities SNT are part of Dorset Police, who patrol the university campuses and residential areas on a regular basis. They have an office on the Talbot Campus and run regular surgeries on both campuses for you to raise any concerns you have. Read the Student Portal for advice on personal safety and burglary prevention, as well as their contact details.

Personal safety

  • At home: use the lock on your bedroom door and don’t take new friends back to your flat/ home until you know them really well – if you’re in Halls of Residence you can talk to one of our Resident Welfare Officers if you have any concerns
  • Out & about: where possible walk in groups or busy areas and be aware of your surroundings at all times – this includes being drink/ drug aware in bars and clubs.


Our campuses are open to the public, and our BU community is made up of 18,000 students, so please don’t leave belongings unattended. Talk to reception staff if you’re ever concerned about your safety.

Emergency contacts

If you’re witnessing a crime taking place or a life is in danger call:
Police, Fire & Ambulance Services: 999
On-campus / BU internal phones: 01202 962222 / 222

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