What can SUBU do about the barriers students are experiencing/have experienced that may mean we won’t graduate with a degree grade we are happy with?

You told us that the sort of barriers you were facing were: – Communication/support issues (3) – Course structure (6) – Workload (2) – Own lack of academic skills (1), Stress management (1), Time management (2), Lack of fun activities (1), Use of Brightspace (1), Lack of money (1) Your VP Welfare is going to… Read more »

We would like more cultural events, solving language issues, more events in halls and nights out to help better integrate international and home students. What can SUBU do to make this happen?

SUBU will be expanding the One World Festival to consist of a week of events and activities and working with Reslife on these plans. Your VP Welfare will also be meeting with the university to look at how we can improve the language learning opportunities at BU.

What can SUBU do about the barriers for students taking part in physical extra-curricular activities?

We asked during Speak Week what barriers you might have for taking part in physical extra-curricular activities. Lack of time (4) – Working with the University and SportBU to make Wednesday Afternoon’s lecture-free so that students can take part in extra-curricular activities. Expensive activities (3) – We are currently investigating the prices of our Activities, and… Read more »

Would it possible to tick more than 1 option on SimOn as more often than not one issue applies to several different areas? This would make it easier to use and more time effective.

Because the feedback in SimOn is assigned to one topic and subtopic, it can be distributed to the relevant areas in the Uni.  If the feedback was able to be assigned to more than one then then would be an increased risk of feedback being duplicated.  SimOn is designed in a way to encourage Reps… Read more »

Could you remove the student card system to reduce the prices seen in the shop as since jan of 2017? The prices have been a little high and students would like to see if this would help

Unfortunately, we can put the ‘genie back in the bottle’ on this one I’m afraid. A majority of transactions use cards in the shop, and these come with a charge from the card issuers. We have absorbed this into prices which has caused some of the confectionery prices to rise (as the profit margins are… Read more »