Would it possible to tick more than 1 option on SimOn as more often than not one issue applies to several different areas? This would make it easier to use and more time effective.

Because the feedback in SimOn is assigned to one topic and subtopic, it can be distributed to the relevant areas in the Uni.  If the feedback was able to be assigned to more than one then then would be an increased risk of feedback being duplicated.  SimOn is designed in a way to encourage Reps… Read more »

Could you remove the student card system to reduce the prices seen in the shop as since jan of 2017? The prices have been a little high and students would like to see if this would help

Unfortunately, we can put the ‘genie back in the bottle’ on this one I’m afraid. A majority of transactions use cards in the shop, and these come with a charge from the card issuers. We have absorbed this into prices which has caused some of the confectionery prices to rise (as the profit margins are… Read more »

Where can I find responses to SimOn and Student Forum feedback I’ve given about my course?

The Faculty of Science & Technology really welcomes your feedback. We have a dedicated section on the VLE where we post all responses to feedback received through SimOn and feedback we received via Student Reps. You can find the link to this here on Brightspace and here on myBU. We update this site after each… Read more »

You asked for better facilities

And you got it! The new Design & Engineering Innovation Centre opened this Summer 2017!  The Innovation Centre is a series of workshops and laboratories fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are for the dedicated use of design and engineering students, researchers and related industries. By using this equipment to create and develop your… Read more »