What can SUBU do about the barriers for students taking part in physical extra-curricular activities?

We asked during Speak Week what barriers you might have for taking part in physical extra-curricular activities. Lack of time (4) – Working with the University and SportBU to make Wednesday Afternoon’s lecture-free so that students can take part in extra-curricular activities. Expensive activities (3) – We are currently investigating the prices of our Activities, and… Read more »

Will there be more support for clubs and societies?

SUBU created a (soon to be regular) meeting where Society Presidents meet with one-another, their VP Activities and the Activities Council. This is a forum where best practice can be shared, support methods can be discussed and a chance for Presidents to touch base with one another and the people that can best represent them.

How can clubs and societies increase membership?

SUBU hosted ‘Increasing your membership’ workshops at the beginning of the year, educating Society committees on how they can increase their membership through reaching out to all student communities within the diverse student body. This is something we intend to continue in the future