Frequently Asked Questions

We have looked at the queries we received about the campus and campus services this year via SimOn. Below are some of the questions you asked us; we hope that you find the information useful.

Our Campus

Where can I study on campus?

How are you improving the study space available on campus?

How are you improving routes through campus?

What are you doing to improve the older buildings on campus?

What new developments are planned for our campus?

 The room I am using has a maintenance issue/ is too hot or cold, what can I do?

Campus Services: Catering, Cleaning and Security 

What catering options are available on campus (including Lansdowne)?

How do you set the food and drink prices on campus?

What vegetarian/ vegan options are available?

What is the availability of microwaves on campus?

I am concerned about security, what can I do?

The room I am in has cleaning issues, what can I do?

How do I report an urgent issue?

Sustainability and transport

Shiny bus

How are you improving the BU bus services?

What buses can I use on the weekends/ in the evenings?

How do you plan the UNIBUS timetable?

What happens if my bus is late?

 Am I eligible for a campus car parking permit?

What are you doing to save energy on campus? 

How can I get involved with Sustainability at BU?

Central Room Bookings and Timetabling

How is the timetable planned?

How can I book a room?


How do I book a Technobooth or PC?

How can I combine my Outlook and myBU calendars?

How many new PCs does BU have?

How can I find a computer that is free for me to use on campus?

How do I print wirelessly from a Mac?

                                        Do you have a laptop loan scheme?

Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU)

What is ‘SUBU’?

SUBU is led by Union Officers, how do they get this role?

How does SUBU include the students that are based on the Lansdowne Campus?

How are the prices decided in the Student Shop?

                                              Why is it important to feedback about my experience whilst at BU?

                                              Why was there a 30p card charge in some SUBU outlets?