Monthly Archives: September 2017

New Attendance Monitoring System

Following feedback from students and staff we have created a new and improved attendance monitoring process for the coming academic year. This will provide much more data for students, unit leaders, academic advisors and programme leaders to help support attendance monitoring. We look forward to hearing your comments this year!

We like the unit booklets produced by one of the psychology lecturers. Can we have them for each of our units?

Our students liked the idea of having all information upfront about the units they were taking on our Psychology programmes. In response to this request, the unit booklets that had been produced by a lecturer on a Level 4 unit were adapted so that a ‘Unit Guide’ is now produced for every unit across our undergraduate and postgraduate… Read more »

You would like to see more practical and “real-world-like” work in the programme, namely with respect to the final year

When you are back at University at final year, most of you are arriving from a professional placement year. Your view of University is completely different than what it used to be, hence your feedback is very important to us. We started by getting all our programmes accredited by the IED (Institution of Engineering Designers). More… Read more »

You asked for better facilities

And you got it! The new Design & Engineering Innovation Centre opened this Summer 2017!  The Innovation Centre is a series of workshops and laboratories fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are for the dedicated use of design and engineering students, researchers and related industries. By using this equipment to create and develop your… Read more »