tass-newlogo-rgbBournemouth University (BU) is proud and passionate to continue to support the development of athletes along their chosen sporting career whilst maintaining a very strong work ethic towards their academic career.

The partnership with TASS has enabled the Team at Bournemouth to create a personal supportive program with all the athletes to ensure the wellbeing is the main factor to any discussion or program engagement. We help students with any transitions that may occur and give advice and support to combine the academic & sporting landscapes so that you can continue maintaining success in both.

We have a strong track record of developing athletes and you can expect the following support from our team:

  • Strength & conditioning program and support (Dan Boer)
  • Physiotherapy (Total Therapy)
  • Lifestyle mentoring (Michael Barry & Matthew Shepherd)
  • Free access to our GYM’s facilities
  • Workshops including – Time Management, Nutrition, Social Media, Interviewing and UK Anti-Doping

Fodsc_0411r any further information regarding TASS or BU’s support programs please contact:

Martin Wells
Sport Development Manager & TASS Lead


01202 965883

What Does Sport England TASS Offer?

Sport England TASS provides athletes with a tailored package of Core Services including strength & conditioning, education & lifestyle support, physiotherapy, sport psychology, nutrition and sports medicine.

The athletes also receive a sport specific personal award to be used towards training, coaching and competition expenses.

Who is Eligible?

We support over 400 athletes aged over 16 years who are currently in education whilst competing at England Talent level in their sport.


How Do We Offer It

Sport England TASS awards are annual and run from 1st September to 31st August. Nominations are made by the individual sporting national governing bodies and the core services are delivered at TASS Accredited Centres throughout England.

Other services within Performance Sport

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