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Chiropractic Treatment

What does it cost?

Our prices are low to reflect the clinic’s commitment to the provision of training for our student / chiropractic interns.

**Initial 15 minute Triage appointment is FREE

Chiropractic Treatment  Students & Staff (BU & AUB) Public

Initial Consultation (60 Minutes)



Treatment (20 Minutes)



Rehab (30 Minutes)



** The clinic runs within the academic term, Contact Us for more info


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About the AECC

Since we opened our doors to students in 1965, we have been leaders in musculoskeletal healthcare; providing the world with professionals who are enthusiastic, equipped and ready to make a difference. As the first chiropractic college in Europe our success is built on a commitment to excellence.

Becoming a University College and gaining Taught Degree Awarding Powers is a credit to our continuous drive in innovation and growth. It is our pioneering spirit, collaborative approach and care for our students, staff and community that allows us to continue to challenge and shape the future of health sciences.

What is chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractors are concerned with the framework of bones and muscles that support the body (the ‘musculoskeletal system’).

Problems with the bones and muscles in the body can be caused by accidents, lack of exercise, poor posture, illness and everyday wear and tear. This causes pressure on the nerves in the body.

Chiropractic treatment involves the chiropractor manipulating parts of your spine or joints to remedy these problems. Manipulation involves the precise handling or movement of joints or parts of the spine, sometimes further than they normally move.

A chiropractor may also give you advice on exercise, self-help, diet and lifestyle, and some may also offer rehabilitation programmes.”

What can I expect on my first visit?

During your first appointment we will perform an examination which includes a general health check, for example, taking your blood pressure. This first appointment will take around an hour. Generally, we do not treat patients on their first visit but will be able book you in to begin your treatment plan at this time.

Who will see me?

You will be seen by your intern (student chiropractor) who is supported and supervised by a clinical tutor (qualified chiropractor). During the appointment your intern will ask you questions about your general health and lifestyle.

To book into your appointment please call SportBU Reception or pop in and see us.

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Physiotherapy Treatment


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Physiotherapy Treatment

Total Therapy delivers high quality, affordable physiotherapy care to BU Students; Staff and the local community. Their interdisciplinary led approach by a team of experienced practitioners provide a network of information, advice and support, focusing on alleviating pain and encouraging wellbeing and optimal health. 

To make a booking please complete their online form here:

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Massage Treatment


Massage Treatment

Sports Massage 30 Minutes 60 Minutes

Student (BU & AUB)









sport-058Whether you’re a fun runner or a competitive international athlete, we will do everything we can help you continue to enjoy the sport or activity you love as well as treat everyday injury problems unrelated to sport. We have formed strong partnerships with excellent service providers who offer high standards of treatment and care.

Massage: Deep sports massage can break down scar tissue and re-align muscle fibres to aid recovery. Treatments are available within the academic term (subject to change).

To book your massage appointment please call SportBU Reception or pop in and see us.

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Holistic Massage Treatment


Holistic Treatment

A range of Holistic treatments (Back, neck & shoulder massage, Reflexology, Deep tissue massage, and more) are available at either Bournemouth House or SportBU (see attached Leaflets) –  Either 20 minutes @ £20 or 50 minutes @ £35. Offers/Gift vouchers available!

Contact Corinne McCrea directly to book an appointment on 07814136782  email

Or via Facebook page @corinnemassagetherapies



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Performance Athletes – Injury Screening & Prehab programs

All BU Performance Sport Athletes are invited to attend annual screening days in September, January and May. A feedback report is then provided to the athlete, which highlights weak segments in their kinetic chain which can be combined with the BU performance Prehab program to help correct their individual imbalances and weaker segments of their kinetic chain.

If you experience an injury that will effect your ability to participate in your sport, please complete the form below to be allocated the appropriate treatment.

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Contact us for more information:

Phone: 01202 965012


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