Top Tips for Exercising at Home 02/06/2020 - With the continued restrictions on gyms and leisure centres meaning we can’t welcome you through our doors for a while longer we put together this guide and tips on how to exercise indoors! All you need is 30 minutes! If you spare just 30 minutes each day to fit in some exercise it has been proven to boost your mood,…
Week 3- At Home Body Weight Workout! 06/04/2020 - In this instalment of the at home work out series we have put together some simple and easy body weight exercises to create this full body work out! This week we will be looking at 5 simple and effective body weight exercises that can be incorporated in to your work out routine! Show us how you have used these exercises…
Week 2- Press Ups at Home Workout 30/03/2020 - In this weeks instalment of the at home work out series we have put together a guide on how to perform press ups! This week we will be looking at how to correctly perform a press up. Starting from a beginner level to an advanced clap press up! Show us how you get along by tagging @SportBU or #mysportbu on…
Week 1- Mat based at home workout 23/03/2020 - In the first instalment of this months premium portal at home workouts have been included to increase your activity levels whilst practicing social distancing and social isolation. For this weeks episode the exercises will be based around a mat so you will need a mat or towel, to get you started here are 5 easy exercises for a full body…
Full Body Workout by PT Daniel WottonDiary 03/03/2020 - For March’s premium portal our PT Dan Wotton created this full body workout to help you get the most out of your gym session! You can use these exercises in a variety of formats to produce different effects! Guidelines for these are shown below: Strength: 1-8 reps/ 1-3 sets/ 3-5 minutes rest in between sets (very heavy weight) Hypertrophy: 5-12…
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Dumbbells gym fitness sportbu weights Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (DBRDL) 28/02/2019 - How to do a Dumbbell Romanian deadlift Muscles Used Hamstrings, Glutes. Technique With one dumbbell grip it on one end with it hanging vertically or two dumbbells gripped traditionally alongside the thighs. Keep the knees soft then tilt forward from the hips to lower the bar. Keep your shoulder-blades pinched down and back throughout and maintain a neutral spine.…
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“Help…I’m an ectomorph” Part 2. 30/11/2018 - Part 2.  If you are someone who struggles to put on weight and or muscle, known as a ‘hardgainer’ or an ectomorph then a potentially useful way to achieve your goals is to keep your muscles in a state of stress for as long as possible while you train. Eccentric movements This is all about slowing down the movements away…
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5 Series- Biceps 20/09/2018 - Bored of doing the same exercise or are the muscles you want to improve not responding? Our 5 series will give you 5 different exercises for each area with the aim of helping you reach your goals Biceps Eccentric Cheat Curl Pack on slightly more weight than you can usually curl on a barbell. Curl the bar up as normal…
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