14 Day Isolation Challenge! 22/04/2020 - Starting to loose inspiration to work out? Want to try out a few different activities? Looking for something to pass the time during Isolation? Try out 14 day Isolation Challenge! Starting from Monday 27th April 2020 we will be hosting a 14 day Isolation Challenge! Each day there will be a different task to complete, where there are workouts we…
Toilet Roll Challenge! 01/04/2020 - Bournemouth University performance teams are taking part in the latest viral ‘toilet roll challenge’.┬áThe challenge sees people ‘passing’ toilet roll between each other in a creative ways! Here are the Bournemouth University Netballs Clubs attempt at the challenge! Show us your take on the ‘toilet roll challenge’ by tagging @SportBU or using the hashtag #mysportbu!
Bring Sally Up Challenge! 10/02/2020 - The Bring Sally Up challenge is quite simple, you choose an exercise and execute the up and down movements alongside the song Flower by Moby. Some exercises that can be used are squats, push ups and burpees. The Song lasts 3 and a half minutes, the challenge is a fun addition to the end of a workout rather than as…
November PT Challenge 23/10/2019 - How long can you skip for? Can you beat our PT
October PT Challenge 04/10/2019 - Win a free 30 minute PT session with Kenny this month.
Pull ups sportbu gym fitness indoor How many pull ups can you do? 04/04/2019 - Show us how many pull ups you can do and beat our PT
creme egg How Fast Can You Burn A Cadbury Creme Egg? 28/02/2019 - …that’s 150 calories.
PT challenge march 2 fitness L-sit core sportbu Dip it low! 28/02/2019 - How many triceps dips can you do?
hanging knee raises fitness gym sportbu Hanging knee raises challenge 31/01/2019 - How many hanging knee raises can you do?
Hip lifts weights barbell weightlifting fitness sportbu How many hip lifts can you do? 02/01/2019 - …using your own body weight on a barbell.
SportBU Mince Pie Challenge 30/11/2018 - How quickly can you burn off a mince pie?
Halloween Special PT Challenge 31/10/2018 - How many punches can you throw in 60 seconds?
Bournemouth University, SportBU, Persoanal Training Challenge a PT 27/09/2018 - How many press ups can you do on a Bosu ball?