Mini Egg Brownies 10/04/2020 - This easter have a try at making mini egg brownies! Ingredients: 120g unsalted butter 170g dark chocolate 100g white chocolate 2 eggs (large, free range) 2 egg yolks (large, free range) 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 tsp salt 30g cocoa powder 85g plain flour Instructions Preheat fan oven to 180oC/250 F/ GM4 and line a 20cm by 7 inch rectangle…
Combat Stress Through Good Nutrition 26/03/2020 - In times of stress we are often tempted to neglect our physical needs and healthy eating can take a back seat when faced with a crisis. Stress can have variety of negative effects on a person, both mentally and physically, and nutrients can be quickly depleted when the ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in leaving the body exhausted. It is…
Can you be healthy at any size? 01/03/2020 - NHS practitioners place great importance on maintaining a ‘healthy’ Body Mass Index (BMI), calculated by determining an individual’s height to weight ratio; but is there too much emphasis placed on achieving an ideal weight over following a healthy lifestyle?
Eggs protein nutrition sportbu You’d batter believe it’s almost Pancake Day! 10/02/2020 - I can’t believe it’s pancake day again. Honestly, it just crêped up on me. This pancake day try our delicious and health Protein Pancake Recipe which takes just 12 minutes to make! But why should you have protein in the morning? Well, research has shown that people who include protein at breakfast have better appetite control throughout the day, a…
Beauty from Within 08/02/2020 - Can the foods we eat make us look, as well as feel great? Great Skin is not always a reflection of expensive beauty products; smooth, glowing skin is often an indication of good inner health. The changes you make don’t have to be big, studies have found that eating just one extra portion of fruit or veg a day can…
Dry January 21/11/2019 - More than half of all students have been found to binge drink at least once a week. Is alcohol really that bad? When to stop, should you start?
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vlad-kutepov-1458283-unsplash scale Are all calories equal? 03/04/2019 - Are all calories equal? Not all the calories we get from food are the same in terms of the nutrients and benefits they provide. Calories are the units of energy contained in the food or drinks we consume, we either burn or store them. In a day, a person could consume different fruits, vegetables, meat and rice and achieve the…
salmon nutrition sportbu Salmon says; Eat more fish! 28/03/2019 - Benefits of Salmon People have been enjoying salmon as a food ever since this beautiful fish appeared in the Earth’s waters. Like other fish, in addition to being consumed in fresh form, preservation techniques such as smoking or salting were used to preserve the salmon. Smoked salmon is still considered traditional fare in many cuisines throughout the world.
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Sleep Hygiene 28/02/2019 - “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise!” Benjamin Franklin
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Sweet Potato 28/02/2019 - I think you’re spudtacular…
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Cinnamon 30/11/2018 - “Make your sin, cinnamon” Benefits of Cinnamon Cinnamon is a spice that has been used throughout centuries and was once traded as currency. The sticks come from the bark of a small evergreen tree, which is laid in the sun to dry and curl into rolls. It’s high in cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for most of cinnamon’s health benefits. Other…
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