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History of TeamBU

In 2016 SportBU created a new identity for Performance Sport to unite all of its athletes. Working alongside the universities marketing department the TeamBU crest was born.

Its creation focused around the vision to integrate part of the university’s history as well as unite all athletes under a recognisable brand. When looking into the history of BU, its educational beginnings can be traced back to the early 20th century with the foundation of Bournemouth Municipal College. In 1992 the institution became a university and was granted a coat of arms by the College of Arms.



History of the Crest

To reflect the power and ferocity people have come to expect from BU’s athletes and competitive sports teams there was a clear association with the dragon on the coat of arms which represents Dorset. As a result the dragon was embedded in the TeamBU identity to reflect this and also relate to the heritage of the county in which the university sits.


BUC’s League Tables

The new TeamBU crest is now worn on all Performance Sport kit when student athletes represent the university each week in the British University & College Sport (BUCS) Leagues and Cup competitions.



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