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We offer Personal Training, Bespoke exercise Programmes & Nutrition support designed to work towards your goals with one of our highly qualified staff members. With experience working toward objectives such as fat loss, lean muscle gain, strength training, gaining size and improving sporting performance as well as more – we have the knowledge to support you in your health and fitness journey.

Whats on Offer?



Our  price packages are very affordable and come with a free consultation. This will allow us to fully understand your goals and tailor our services to achieve these objectives.

All our packages are suitable for goals such as weight loss, improved strength, increased energy, gaining size, educating as well as general refinement or improvement of diet and lifestyle. Our packages can also be mixed together such as personal training sessions and a nutrition package to really kick start the changes and help you accomplish your aims.


Personalised Exercise Programme

  • Based on what YOU want to achieve, we give you the exercises and show you how to do them.
  • One of our qualified members of staff will discuss what you want to achieve and then plan out a detailed programme as well as fully going through it with you in the gym with the equipment.
  • Only £25.

Personal Training

  • As an individual or (save money) as a pair.
  • Someone to guide YOU in the gym over a period of sessions tailor made for your goals.
  • A fully qualified trainer with you every step of the way. You progress week by week with a trainer there to support you and use their knowledge to enhance your gym experience and bring about the results you want.
  • From £22 per hour.

Nutritional Plan

  • Supporting you with a bespoke plan created from YOUR OWN objectives. Includes follow up sessions to assist your transition.
  • A qualified nutritional adviser to analyse your current diet and make changes based on your objectives. Sustainable, simple and varied foods are given to you in an easy to understand bespoke programme a long with a helpful tool sheet.
  • From £30 for your plan and follow up appointments.

How to Book?


Book your Free consultation now by emailing Josh Harris (Duty Manager – Health & Fitness).


Still unsure whether our packages are for you? Check out what our clients say…


Energised and toned.

The exercise and nutrition plans I was given worked well for me because they catered to my needs especially and educated me about why the movements and foods suggested would help. I found being able to contact the advisers and ask questions incredibly helpful. Although I already knew a fair amount about nutrition, I was’t sure how to use that information. By using the nutrition plan it helped me learn more and guided me to attain my goals of having more energy and toning up.



Warm friendly staff, great facilities.

The session was great, the personalised programme is really working for me.


My experience with the nutrition plan has been really good!

I had someone constantly available so if I had questions I could ask them which was really helpful. I also found that you took into consideration many aspects of a student’s lifestyle, i.e. low cost meals, quick lunches and even preparing meals for the next few days. It was really good because it fits with my lifestyle!


I came for some nutritional guidance to aid me in my goals in competing in a charity boxing match.

The information and support i received has really helped me in training and performance, eating the right things at the right time to get the best out of my sessions and not feel hungry. I was a little concerned at first to whether the food advised would be strict and expensive, however i have a lot of different foods to choose from and at similar cost to what i was paying for shopping anyway.


It’s been really good, I love it!


My sessions have been great!

They have helped to improve my running technique and also shown me and fully explained the exercises we do which are helping to make me and overall stronger runner. They have included everything from running to strength to stretching. Everything is explained as to why we do each thing and how it helps my running which is really helpful.


Attentive, motivated and personable.

The sessions are always challenging, in the best way possible, he has an almost-sadistic sixth-sense for knowing how far he can push me, which I consider a positive trait! I am far more confident in my fitness journey than I was, and would recommend it to anybody who was in my position.


Thank you, I wouldn’t be where I am without you!

Since having my personal trainer not only have I noticed a significant improvement in my fitness, but I’ve also gained my confidence in weight lifting by myself in between my personal training session. Right from the word go, I received all the support I needed and more and they were always there to answer any burning questions I wanted to know about how I could further increase my fitness. I was amazed to see the improvements I made from the workouts recorded for each session!


My PT is the BEST!

When I re-entered education, one of my goals was to get myself into shape. It was worth the money; they provided the motivation I needed, kept me emailed with targets and nutritional advice plus regular contact to make sure we kept a decent schedule. I’ve kept on a good healthy path since – thanks a mil.


Professional and supportive.

The incremental programme has helped me gain the confidence and techniques to carry on.


Couldn’t have done it without you!

My training aims and goals are to fix muscular imbalances which lead to my injury [herniated disk in the spine] and too increase my core strength, this has forced me to push myself harder and harder every week in order to regain my strength and build on my endurance, thanks!


Starting the gym was a big step for me.

At the beginning I was completely disorientated; With this support, I managed to improve in a few weeks; He always kept track of my progress and a precise schedule. His help was fundamental for me and still is now. He gave me the advice I needed and always answered my questions – Thank you a lot.


Over the last 3 sessions I feel training has gone really well.

Over this time I have built confidence in myself which has made me feel more determined to reach my goal and I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress over the next few weeks!