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Bournemouth University Parking

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Parking Permits

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If visiting Bournemouth University on a regular basis then ‘Pay & Display’ is likely to be the option for you. You can park in Car Park ‘G’ which can be found on the right hand side of the Talbot Campus Map (Shown above). Prices are:

Alternatively, if the visit is arranged in advance then you can request a temporary ‘Visitor Parking Permit’ from your point of contact within Bournemouth University.

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If you’ve brought your car to University, there are several locations that you can park on Talbot Campus and several options for you to choose from. You can apply for a ‘Parking Permit’ from Bournemouth University, which are limited but if you meet the criteria for one then you have the option to buy a years permit, Full-Time Student= £58.89 and Part-Time Student= £29.45; there is the Student Village Parking (Shown on Map – Green), if you choose accommodation on campus; there’s ‘Pay & Display’ and Visitor Car parking in Car Park ‘G’, however you will need an arranged visitor permit from a member of staff to use the visitor car park.

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If you are an employee of Bournemouth University you are entitled to apply for a Parking Permit if you live further than 2 miles from your main place of work, subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined here. If your eligible for a permit you have the choice of parking in the following car parks: B, C, D & E.

If you receive confirmation that your permit application has been accepted you can collect a temporary pass from Poole House reception desk (Labeled ‘R’ on the Map).

Other Info

Parking on Campus before 4pm is reserved for those with permits, these can be applied for here. After this point and ALL weekend parking is open to all and no restrictions are in place.

*Attendants of Bournemouth University are asked to refrain from parking to the rear of the Library and Student Center due to safety concerns.

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