Welcome to the Ambassador Survival Guide.

Here you can register as a RELAYS Ambassador’ as well as apply for a ‘RELAYS Bursary’ of up to £200!

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Ambassador Registration & Bursary Application

What do you need to complete to be granted a RELAYS Professional Development (CPD) Bursary?

Start of the Year “Ambassador Profile Wheel”
Mahara Page, including:
**Student Written Reflection
**Photo Evidence (minimum of 2x images)
End of the Year “Ambassador Profile Wheel”


Documents to complete towards the honorarium (Click to download):

Extra Ambassador opportunities

CPD Courses

Over the year we have worked hard to organise a comprehensive CPD programme for our volunteers. Linking with National Governing Body sports and other providers, we are able to cover a wide range of opportunities for you to explore. Each course is heavily discounted and delivered by professional coaches and teachers. For the Academic Year 19/20 our CPD week will be the 10th-20th of January 2020 where courses such as tag rugby, handball level 1, basketball level 1, futsal and first aid will be available. 

Booking Process

Check out each course available for 2019/20 academic year below. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions for your chosen course and contact one of the RELAYS team with your interest. Payment secures your reservation and place on the course. RELAYS contacts are:

Andy Boland: aboland@bournemouth.ac.uk ; Brooke Amos: relays@bournemouth.ac.uk

How does RELAYS impact wider participation?

Victoria School

    • ACCESS – working with a range of schools and community organisations the student RELAYS   ambassadors raise understanding of and aspiration to HE through sport and arts focused outreach activities in school, community and through campus visits.
    • STUDENT SUCCESS – The student ambassadors develop personally and professionally in their chosen sport, arts or management area, gaining focus and confidence through their volunteering which they apply back to their degree studies, improving retention and developing their social capital and a firm sense of belonging at BU through the co-curricular and social engagement. Additionally the ambassadors obtain skills training and CPD, can achieve recognition awards and access commitment bursaries.
    • EMPLOYABILITY – Students volunteer and may gain paid employment experience in a variety of local organisations and through the Relays supported events and opportunities personally developing their confidence, resilience, independence and understanding of professional behaviours and interaction. Students obtain relevant additional qualifications through the CPD and bursary schemes and real application and interview experiences when applying for Relays leadership roles. Relays also offers an opportunity for a Sandwich Placement Year, where a student is able to network with the local community and plan/run events to support the ambassadors.
[/expand] How you can help create a local sporting LEGACY?

RELAYS Strategic Links, and how you can help create a local sporting LEGACY

Aspire BU 2016

      • Raise personal aspirations & attainment and create an outstanding student experience through practical opportunities for students within the WP & FA remit (BU2018 C1).
      • Develop a diverse range of opportunities for all BU students (BU2018 S3).
      • Enhance WP student employability skills via practical application experiences, to compliment academic aspects of University life (BU2018 S3, I1, I2, I3)
      • Extend and develop internal and external partner links to enhance the diversity of opportunities (BU2018 C3).
      • Engage the local community via schools, youth services and the local council (evidence suggests students from areas of deprivation or low socio economic backgrounds may have more affinity with community based volunteering) (BU2018 C3).
Further Information

Further information & lecture presentation

Take a look at our student introductory pack for more information on RELAYS, the benefits of being a RELAYS volunteer and How to get involved this year (Relays Introductory Pack – link Below):