SportBU Open Day video 2017

Andrew Boland – Demonstrator In Sport; Ross Carroll – Relays General Manager

Ross Carroll, Relays General Manager, SpoprtBU

Open Day video 2017

What is RELAYS?

inspireRELAYS stands for Regional Education Legacy for Art and Youth Sport and was born prior to the London 2012 Olympics. The project uses the mediums of ART, MUSIC and SPORT to engage children, young people and adults from a diverse range of backgrounds and establishments. Bournemouth engaged the student population to deliver a huge range of events, sports and activities.  Post 2012 the challenge for host Universities was to further develop the programme further committing to the creation of a LEGACY.

Since 2012 Relays has committed to ensuring FAIR ACCESS & WIDENING PARTICIPATION for all students at BU, offering practical opportunities to compliment academic studies. The opportunities offered are volunteer based, and students are able to record hours towards a bursary. The bursary exists to provide students with an opportunity to attend CPD courses to further their development whilst at BU. These courses could cover a wide range of topics, flexible to the student’s area of interest.

What’s in it for YOU?

Volunteer Opportunities

BU students assume the title of ‘AMBASSADORS’ for Relays, wearing our Relays branded t-shirt or hoodie whilst at community events. The opportunities we offer include sports coaching, sports development, elements of sports psychology, sports management, event management and mentoring. In addition, the nature of this volunteering role is to ensure BU is CONNECTING with a wide range of education establishments, sports clubs, active companies based locally, community organisations, disability groups, professional and national governing bodies.

Through these opportunities Widening Participation (WP) and FA students are ENGAGING with industry, gaining invaluable experience to help them grow and develop for life after BU. Relays contributes to the OFFA 2015-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN through the key areas of the student lifecycle approach and greater collaboration and partnership at all levels. This project also aims to contribute to the growing body of evidence-based practice within the context of volunteering and employability.



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