Our therapist Corinne McCrea is currently offering on-line Self-Care Sessions, just as massage therapies the On-Line Self Care sessions allow clients to find a relaxing space where they are listened to, where they can ask for advice on musculoskeletal pain and engage in their own self-care management, which ultimately will help reduce pain and improve sense of physical and mental well-being during lockdown and beyond.

She offers a range different session type:

Group sessions (Minimum 4 people) 30 min

“WellBeing session” Upper body stretches and Relaxation.

£5 per person


Individual Sessions 30 min
** FREE ** initial consultation,
Thereafter £20 for self-care session (tailored to your needs)

If you would like to get involved in one of these sessions then please contact Corinne on:

Facebook: Sports & Holistic Massage Therapy

Instagram: @corinnemc67

Twitter: @cmccrea67