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Writen by: Samantha Sutton

My name is Samantha Sutton and I am currently doing my postgraduate in Marketing Management at Bournemouth University. Through hard work and dedication to my sport I was awarded a sports scholarship for 2019, enabling me to represent Bournemouth University through my passion for surfing.

Flying on my new Spider (Bournemouth Pier)

I will thus be taking part in as many surf events in the UK and abroad as possible for this coming year and next. I have signed up to the UK Pro Tour as well as entered myself into local events all around the UK. Shortboarding is my preferred practice, however I will also be competing in longboarding events as I would like to gain as much exposure as I can. Currently I have taken part in the Jesus Classic Longboard event in Polzeath at the beginning of the year where made it to the quarter finals, my next event, a Night Surf shortboarding event will be taking place in Newquay on the 7/8th of June.

Loving my new Spider surf board  (Balangan Bali)

Throughout my surfing career I have entered into numerous events, however some of my best achievements would be successfully taking 1st place at the South African National Longboarding Championships in the U18 division, as well as when I took first place at the 2017 South African Inter Varsity Championships.

I am extremely passionate about the ocean and am constantly looking to travel, exploring new places and waves. I have surfed all over South Africa as well as Namibia, Mozambique, Europe and Indonesia. In June this year I will also be going back to Bali, one of my favourite surf destinations in the world.

I grew up in Kommetjie Cape Town and am part of a large surf community. Not only did I grow up in a surfing town, but I come from a family of surfers.