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Writen by: Brityn Vreeland

This year has been a transformation for me. Not just my strength has changed, but my technique and mindset as well. At the beginning of the year I focused on completely changing my technique. A few months later I was happy with the progress but was very frustrated with the lack of strength I had. I felt like I would never be able to get back to where I was last year before I got ill.

BU Weightlifting

Brityn Vreeland Athletes story

Chris Payne Participation Manager SportBU

BU Weightlifting: Brityn Vreeland Athletes story

Competition 1: January

I then competed at Crystal Palace hitting a 57kg snatch and 67kg clean & jerk. I made 2 out of 6 of my lifts on this day, and even though my technique was improved, I didn’t feel like myself – weightlifting felt really foreign to me.

After this I decided to program myself. I needed to be in control of my training and listen to my body more. With the help of daily coaching from my teammates, I programmed myself for 2 weeks. It may not sounds like very long….but wow 2 weeks can give you a LOT of progress.

Competition 2: February

I then competed at BU and hit a 64kg snatch and 74kg clean&jerk which was 14kg improvement in 2 weeks. This gave me the confidence to carry on and program myself towards BUCS.

Competition 3: April

I then had 6 weeks of training towards BUCS. This was very up and down. A lot of good weeks and quite a few bad weeks of training but that’s just how it goes! I was planning on competing in the higher weight class for BUCS, however, last minute I had to cut to the lower weight class. With the help of Noorin (a lot of help), I cut nearly 6kg in 5 days. However, I weighed in 0.5kg heavy (I just couldn’t shake it off). This was frustrating, however, they still allowed me to lift and after hours of cutting water weight (ec. sauna, hot baths) I hit a 62kg snatch and 76kg clean and jerk. I was disappointed in weighing heavy (all learning experiences) but I was also proud of the resilience. I had to put on the mindset to just lift whats on the bar. I hit 5/6 of my lifts on the day.

Year Summary

So throughout this year I’ve learned new technique, how to program myself, how to believe in myself, how to cut weight and so much more! I’m now looking forward to hoping back on the national stage for my last year of u20’s in September & hopefully hitting a 70kg snatch again 🙂