We are #BUProud of Rose in her development of Lacrosse.

Here is her story;

Recently I was scouted and asked to train with the Welsh Women’s Lacrosse team. I then went on to attend the trials in early February over a weekend in London. Over that weekend, I was then asked if I would like to represent Wales in Latvia competing in the European Championships. Obviously, I said ‘YES’!
Having never been to Latvia before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, let alone playing for my country for the first time. The tournament took place over 3 days with 6 countries that we had to play against.
Our first game was against The Netherlands of which we flew through taking the win. The same went for Latvia, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. I scored my first international goal against Italy which was a win in itself for me.
All of these wins took our team through to the finals to play against The Netherlands one last time. It was an extremely tough game to end the tournament, we were exhausted!
For 90% of the game we held possession with the score now 3/3. There was 30 seconds left on the clock and The Netherlands had fresh legs subbing left right and centre. To our despair they took a shot at goal and the ball hit the netting. The whistle blew and The Netherlands screams beckoned around the stadium. They had won the Easter championships.
Bearing in mind we were the Wales B team playing all the other countries A teams, I think we did considerably well. 2nd place isn’t all that bad, we’re definitely going to bring it to them next year. I can’t wait to play for Wales again!

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