Todays competition went really well! My first routine of the competition started great, was tidy and a consistent routine. This Routine placed me in 4th going through onto the voluntary routines which was a good place to be in the competition. Although my set Routine was not the best I could have done it was a safe strong routine which is great because with the build up to British qualifiers consistency is key. My second routine had a major mistake going into the second skill however I managed to recover the routine really well and finish it without anymore major errors. This put me into 3rd place for the Senior gold category at the English qualifiers.


This however was not my only discipline to be competing in today, 7 weeks prior I began training in double mini trampoline. Todays competition gave me the chance to get a trial for DMT and with 4 successful passes I actually placed 1st in the Senior DMT competition.

Overall I left the competition completing all my routines and passes placing myself in a strong qualifying position for the championships and walking away with two medals.

iPro Sport- TeamBU #TeamTakeover