Benefits of Salmon

People have been enjoying salmon as a food ever since this beautiful fish appeared in the Earth’s waters. Like other fish, in addition to being consumed in fresh form, preservation techniques such as smoking or salting were used to preserve the salmon. Smoked salmon is still considered traditional fare in many cuisines throughout the world.

  Benefits of Salmon:

  • Great source of lean protein
  • Good source of good cholesterol
  • Rich in essential minerals like iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus
  • Contain vitamins A, B, D
  • Omega-3 fatty acids increase brain function, improves memory and keeps it active
  • Reduces inflammation of the arteries and the digestive system

How to consume Salmon:

  • Broil
  • Grill
  • Boil
  • Pan or stir-fried
  • Oven baked


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