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It was the Western Conference Cup Final this week so 4 teams took control of the TeamBU pages. A huge congratulations to W Rugby, W Squash, W Table Tennis and M Volleyball 2 #TeamBU.




Varsity 2019 #BUvSolent

Confirmed for Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th May 2019! Badminton, basketball and futsal will travel to Southampton on the 7th to play in the new Solent Sports Complex and all other fixtures will take place at Chapel Gate on the 8th.  


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TeamBU Fixtures & Results

Sport Team Opposing Team Score Win or Loss
Basketball Men 1 Worcester 1 93-100 Loss
Basketball Women 1 Bristol 1 75-31 Win
Futsal Men 2 Bath 1 2-6 Loss
Futsal Men 3 Exeter 2 9-5 Win
Futsal Women 1 Hartpury 1 0-14 Loss
Lacrosse Women 1 UWE 2 30-0 Win
Rugby Women 1 Exeter 2 24-17 Win
Squash Women 1 Bristol 4 3-1 Win
Table Tennis Women 1 Swansea 1 3-2 Win
Tennis Men 1 Loughborough 1 0-12 Loss
Tennis Women 1 Bristol 3 10-2 Win
Volleyball Men 2 South Wales 1 2-3 Loss

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