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iPro Sport: Leading healthy, low sugar sport drinks provider and Official Hydration Partner to SportBU, TeamBU, Campus Sport Leagues and wider participation events.

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Since announcing our partnership with ‘iPro Sport’ back in October 2017, exclusive hydration has been provided to over 800 athletes across 20 different Sports. This includes 53 teams, each competing on a weekly basis, representing Bournemouth University (BU) at a high level. Within SportBU’s ‘Campus Sport’ programme, iPro Sport has supported 5 end of season Cup Tournaments; generated team hydration bundles and also supported delivery of national initiatives such as “This Girl Can” over the last two years.

iPro Sport - TeamBU

Our journey throughout 2017/18 began with BU’s Performance Sport programme positioned at 34 in the BUCS rankings. Since then, TeamBU has gone from strength to strength, surpassing all expectations and ranking 22nd against over 170 universities across the United Kingdom. This fantastic position could not have been achieved without our athletes, coaches, SportBU staff and our key partners. iPro Sport has delivered a gold standard service relentlessly during this time and their ongoing support provides the best physical and nutritional support to our student athletes.

iPro Sport is quickly becoming the leading supplier of healthy, low sugar Sports Drinks to the world of sport. From universities and professional athletes to grass-root clubs, iPro Sport “supports preparation, inspires dedication and shares celebration of global sport, health, fitness and active lifestyles”. SportBU is just one among iPro Sport’s impressive partnership collective, including a host of professional football and rugby clubs, world class sporting organisations including Football Association of Ireland, Gloucester Rugby, England Netball, and British Basketball Federation – just to name a few.

Speaking about the partnership and iPro Sport’s commitment to further support university sport, Sophie Christy, Commercial Director for iPro Sport, said: 

‘“We take our commitment to physical activity very seriously, ensuring that student athletes at all levels have the opportunity to access the healthiest hydration products available during training, match preparation, competition and recovery. We thrive best when we work collaboratively with our partners. The students and the staff at Bournemouth University are forward thinking, engaging and show real innovation when it comes to collaborating. Combined with a mutual desire to overachieve, this has and will continue to be the secret to our brand partnership success!”

After a full year of support and engagement with BU and it’s students, iPro Sport will continue to provide quality hydration provision and investment in athlete development. Looking ahead to 2019, iPro Sport have confirmed their attendance and support at this year’s Varsity Day; the continued backing of participation initiatives and Campus Leagues as well as their lasting dedication to the students of Bournemouth University. We are proud to enter a new year with iPro Sport as our ongoing Official Hydration Partner, and feel confident in the accomplishments that we can make together.

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