Competition Diary, written by Elliot Brown

On Saturday the 15th of September, i competed at my final British U23 National Championship. I competed first thing in the morning at 8am in the 62kg class, i opened my snatch with 88kg. Following up the 88kg with an attempt at 92kg which due to a technical error on both my part, and the competition systems part i ended up missing.¬† My final attempt was at 95kg to give me the lead and to win the snatch portion of the competition. Though i got the bar overhead, i couldn’t stabilise it and ended up dropping the bar behind me.

Unhappy with my snatch portion of the competition i went into the clean and jerk with a new motivation. I opened high with 105kg which was a successful lift. My second attempt was a much more convincing 108kg which was a personal best for this lift. My final attempt of the competition was a 112kg clean and jerk which turned out to be just too much for me on the day.

This performance though not the performance i was hoping for, was still enough to put me in second place earning me a silver medal.

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