teambu archery scholar       teambu archery scholar

I am Sarah Shahzad and I am a Masters student of Visual Effects at BU. I have been practicing archery for a little over 4 years. I started it in my bachelors and have never looked back.

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Every year Archery at BUCS gets bigger each time with more than 300 archers shooting at two different venues on a single weekend to qualify for the big finals. Only the top 30% in each category move forward to the next stage. I have managed to place first on the Southern qualifiers and second on the overall seeding for experienced female Barebow archers. The southern qualifiers took place on the 24th of February in Crawley. The match was a Portsmouth round where I scored a massive 543/600 and beating my own competition personal best. Having improved significantly from my last year at BUCS I still believe I need to improve further to secure a place on the podium this year. The finals are nothing like the qualifiers and a single wrong arrow can make all the difference. I will be training hard to break my own walls in the short time I have before the finals.


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