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The BU Womens Lacrosse team are organising fundraisers for Milly Pickles with the goal of allowing her to step foot on the Lacrosse pitch once more. After 2 and half months fighting in hospital she is now home and her friends share her rehabilitation story, below:

Victoria Jones, Friend and Teammate of Milly:

“Milly Pickles is one of our fellow lacrosse players, she’s been on the team for the last two years and is currently on placement. On the 29th of September Milly went to work where she was on placement and later that day rushed to hospital fighting for her life. She’d been electrocuted with 750 volts originating from the lower limbs, passing through her causing the loss of her right leg and internal burns. How this happened is still not certain but Milly has shared on her Instagram that the electrical current entered her right heel, through her leg and pelvis then down her left leg and out her big toe, also causing the loss of her left toe. It was a complete miracle as something luckily prevented the current being re-directed to her spine and brain, keeping her alive today.

Milly has received her prosthetic leg however BU lacrosse club have decided to host a range of fundraisers to raise money for Milly to get a prosthetic blade. These cost around £6000 and can’t be funded on the NHS. The blade will enable her to be play lacrosse again, as without it she wont be able to do any sport ever again.”

Over the past week the Lacrosse team have organised their members to hold donation pots on campus. They have more events planned this week, such as the boys to do a leg wax and to do a Lacrosse taster session for all students.

Details of how to get involved with this Lacrosse Taster will be posted HERE soon (Watch this space)

Us here at SportBU would like to praise the efforts of both the Women’s and Men’s squads, they have raised so much for Milly on their JustGiving Page already, but still need your help to reach their goal. The JustGiving Page has all the information of Millys recovery as well as the information you’d need to make a donation. They are doing absolutely amazing so far and are determined to raise more. All fundraising has been organised and coordinated by the students, they’ve demonstrated praiseworthy attributes and first class team qualities throughout this tragic ordeal. Bravo Lacorsse players, these are these are the characteristics that we should all aim to achieve.

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