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Team GBR table tennis set off on 16th August to begin their journey to Taipei to compete in Wugs.

Team GBR table tennis squad included Bournemouth universities Chloe Thomas. They set off on 16th Aug and arrived 17th August and entered the athletes village by 6 pm. The next day we had opening ceremony which was an amazing experience, to be there marching in to a packed stadium with thousands of people cheering and screaming and to be standing there in our GBR kit was one not my proudest moments. Although that nearly didn’t happen just before we was due to go in we was held inside another stadium next door, but protesters had flocked outside the stadium, so for our safety we had to wait inside an be transported back to the village but luckily enough it was all cleared up quickly enough and was able to carry on with our evening. The next few days we was just getting used to the heat (35 degrees), time difference and our playing venue.

TeamBU: Table Tennis

We began competing on Monday 20th where we started with team event, our first match against the hosts Chinese Taipei where they fielded their national team, and their number 1 is currently 8 in the world! As expected we lost 3 – 0 but played well. Then played Mongolia we won 3-0 which gave us a bit of confidence as our next match was the decider which go’s through the group. We lost to Czech Republic 3-0 but the score doesn’t reflect on how hard fought the match was, (3-2,3-2,3-1) which meant we lost out in the group. Next event was doubles we played against a very strong German duo, n this was first time for me and my partner to team up. Unfortunately we lost in last 64. Last event was singles, started off strong winning against Argentina and Australia but wasn’t quite there against the Korean (4-1) losing out in last 32.

Over all Taipei was an amazing experience, and have amazing memories to keep for the future. Couldn’t thank SportBU enough for helping me get there!! Now onto my next journey straight from Taipei and moving to China to train full time in preparation for the Commonwealth Games 2018.

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