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As part of the hugely popular ‘This BU Girl Can’ campaign (hosted in conjunction with the ‘This BUCS Girl Can’ movement), SportBU ran a number of unique sessions throughout the week with the aim to engage more females into sport participation. Whilst each activity proved to be a success, none was better received than that of the UV Football tournament. The Saturday night saw almost 20 players take part in the tournament, most of whom were new to the sport. The event was run in the dark, with the use of UV lamps and florescent markings both on the court and balls as the only means of seeing. The only distinction between teams were the florescent bibs, glow sticks and face paint worn, which added to the excitement uniqueness of the event. Each team had 5 players, which allowed for plenty of touches on the ball and game time.

The innovative session aims to encourage more female participation in the sport, targeting university students who can use this opportunity to try something new whilst completing their degrees. This was true for Fiona Kirby who had her first experience of football at our event: “UV football was a unique experience which provided the opportunity to socialise with others as well as compete all whilst in the process of a work out. I really enjoyed the event and would definitely consider going to something similar in the future!”

As well as beginners, we also had members of the university football team come along to the session. “I thought it was great to do something fun and different with the team that still incorporates football, and was actually quite a good team building activity because it required a lot of communication!”- Shannon Newton

The popularity of UV Football has grown in the recent months, with a number of Premier League Community Trust organisations hosting their own events, by providing an alternative session for keen participants and newcomers to the sport. The session gives the opportunity for participants to just play football, without the worries of embarrassing yourself (as you can’t see!). This type of event has been hugely successful for engaging female participants, where one of the main barriers to playing sport is due to lack of confidence.

 As for Further Education institutions, BU is one of the first to host the event on a big scale, offering to students only! UV sports have grown in the university sector with the likes of UV badminton, table tennis and exercise classes, with football now becoming the next step for BU to widen their sport participation offers.

“UV football was fantastic, it was a great atmosphere with the music and the lights. Everyone loved it!”- Terri Harvey

With the event being such a success, keep a look out in the New Year for more UV Football Events to be hosted at SportBU.

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