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Week 8: Rowing #Teamtakeover

Pre Game Report

Opposition: Southampton, Southampton Solent, Portsmouth and Chichester Universities
Previous Result: –
Predicted Result: Each category could be anyone’s win…

Saturday’s BUCS indoor rowing series will kick off the race season for BUBC, only a week prior to the first head race of the year at Bristol. These will be the first racing events for the novices in the team, so the excitement and nerves leading up to the events have been enormous.

This season, BUBC has begun training sessions as a whole squad, with men and women training together at land training, in aid to push each other to their absolute limits. Freshers and seniors have also been training together in circuit training and Pilates sessions, making the whole squad stronger and more united than ever.

As the proud host of BUCS indoor rowing series once again, BUBC has been preparing for the event for months, with countless hours and miles spent training, and even a week’s drinking ban to ensure the maximum level of fitness. The senior members of the team will enter the championship 2000m category, which is one of the most brutal tests known in rowing. The 2k distance doesn’t only measure one’s physical abilities, but is a complete mental game, separating the pros from the weakest links. The championship category will definitely be the most exhilarating to spectate, and each race could be anyone’s win, although the seniors of BUBC have put in a huge amount of training in the reach for personal best’s and wins.

For the novices, the indoor series will include a beginner 1000m category, to get the feel of indoor racing and what it’s really like to push themselves beyond their abilities.

As usual, what makes BUCS even more thrilling, is going against the rival university of BU, Southampton Solent. BUBC has beat Solent on varsity day the past few years, but Solent has always set up a good front against Bournemouth’s finest rowers. Saturday will tell if BUBC will keep their title of varsity champions!

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