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Week 7: Table Tennis #Teamtakeover

Pre Game Report

Opposition: BUCS Individual Championships
Previous Result: –

So far this season we’ve been doing pretty well. We’re in division 1A and this year there are some very strong teams. We’re currently sitting 3rd with 2 wins and 2 losses, one of which was a very close loss of 9-8 to league leaders Bristol. There’s still a lot of fixtures to play and we’re hoping to finish in the top 2. George Downing is also currently undefeated, and has only dropped 1 set the entire season (that’s 48 sets won, and 1 set lost!).

The BUCS championships this weekend will be tough, with over 250 entries in the men’s singles. This is the first time everyone in the 1st team is attending, so we’re going in with an open mind. George is seeded 9th in the men’s singles, so we’re hoping he’ll make it at least to the quarter finals. George is also in the men’s doubles paired with team captain James Marshall, so hopefully there’ll be some success there. Other Captain Luke Hunt is partnered with Hudson Foley, this will be the first time that they play together, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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