Name: Brogan Calvert

Sport: Golf

Country of Birth: United Kingdom

Faculty: Faculty of Management

Course of Study: BSc (Hons) Sports Management Golf

Year of Study: 4

My sporting experience during my time at Bournemouth University

During my 4 years at BU I have always played on the golf squad. In second year I made it to BUC’s finals in Scotland. I finished second in the midlands event at Little Aston and in my first tournament this year made the cut and finished tied 6th at Hollinwell golf club.

What triggered my interest in my sport?

I was never interested in golf having always been a swimmer competing at a national level. It was only when I stopped swimming that I started golf. My sister had always played golf and was playing professionally when I started at the age of 18. Through her I got into the game quite quickly and started to compete at a higher level.

My 5 Year Goal

My target is to become a scratch golfer or lower, I would like to complete in some of the Lets Access events and see where my golf takes me.

My Lifetime Goal

To play golf for as long as I can, its certainly a game that allows you to do that.

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