SportBU is extremely proud to announce that The R&A has approved a grant for the Bournemouth University Golf programme 2017-18.

Over the last year SportBU have reported on the activities of athletes of the BU Golf programme as well as that of our Scholars. We have been praised for the holistic approach toward our athlete support as well as the growth of our teams. In addition, a massive shout out to our Golf athletes, you have been personally praised for taking greater “engagement” with the  management of the Golf programme here at BU.

Congratulations to the success of the TeamBU Golf Team for your success last season, this is monumental in the positioning of BU in the BUCS rankings as well as contributing toward the recognition that has led to this development grant.

We are very excited to get our teeth into the upcoming season and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for TeamBU Golf!

 R&A golf

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