The Womens Cricket Team had not won a game for 4 years, so expectations weren’t high leading into this season.

The year started at freshers fayre having a bumper crop of outstanding amount of sign ups and the first year we had to turn people away. We entered an indoor league and had our indoor training before Christmas funding by Dorset Cricket through Rob, thank you Rob!!!. The indoor league helped massively all of us to come together as a TEAM!!!

Our first outdoor game was a fight and the most intense game I’ve been part of with Zoe Moyler winning us the match. This boosted everyone’s confidence and other people began to shine such as first timers to the sport Lauren Duffy and Catiee Kensall who both opened batting and bowling multiple times. It was amazing to have Lorraine Szczepanski part of the team, she had experience with Somerset Cricket and was the best at everything! Bat, ball and gloves, she played a significant part of every game especially away at Aberystwyth scoring 101 and taking 4 wickets then driving 5 hours back to Bournemouth! These success’s during the season gave everyone belief and confidence which in turn helped us win the league and have the best result the women’s cricket has ever had.

As captain I absolutely loved taking part, meeting new people and personally had the best season for my cricket. Everyone had a great time and hope this will inspire the girls to continue with the sport both inside and outside the University for many years to come.

Lorraine Szczepanski : “I got back to when I loved the game and had so much fun meeting new people and teaching them from my experience”


Coach: Rob Newton

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